Michael Dave is a longtime, professional musician who brings his relaxed, smiling demeanor to your important, special event or venue.  For many years, Michael has played gigs all over the world, in clubs and lounges, and much of it in the hotel, convention, wedding and event industry in Hawaii. To say Michael's Song List is extensive is an understatement, his technical ability as a guitar player is soundly developed and his equipment is state of the art.


Michael Dave offers an extraordinary sound from a solo musician.

His guitar work stands alone, rich and full, with an emphasis on excellent tone, from spanking blues to contemporary jazz.  Very diverse  acoustic guitar with articulate styling is also a focus.  Vocals are accurate and clean with a unique mid range grit and the endless repetoire of songs is nothing short of amazing. This musician is well known for reading  a crowd and having the experience to get it right.


Whether it be an on the spot request, or a prepared show, specific to a particular genre, Michael is a top pro, reliable, pleasant to work with. His smooth manners, great style and light touch sense of humor make him the man for the job!

For more information about Michael and his life in music: brushing  shoulders with exciting players or opening concerts for big name acts -  along with his musical history from writing and performances in theater,  read his BIOGRAPHY Page.


Michael is easy to talk to  - and happy to simply answer your questions. Feel free to discuss your event, gig, concerns or for that matter anything music related - he loves to talk shop! Click on the CONTACT page to get to Michael!